the crossroads of should and must
There’s nothing so dangerous as a headstrong girl who knows her own mind.
Mary Yellan | Jamaica Inn

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“I want to put a soul in a garment. I don’t want my clothes to be perfect, because human beings are not perfect. You can meet somebody in one of my jackets and it can all look a bit wrong, but also human and beautiful. Cutting nonchalance into a garment is difficult, because you can’t just make an oversized or an asymmetric garment – it will look ugly. Making it look natural is delicate work. If it’s too obvious, then it looks fake. Balancing the garment is a painstaking task, because you have to keep in mind how the clothes move.”
- Ann Demeulemeester
To me, black is perfect. You can fill it with the emotion you want to express.
Ann Demeulemeester

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Spring is the time of plans and projects.
Leo Tolstoy

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aurore de la morinerie - monotype, 2011
No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had.
Gabriel García Márquez 

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